How To Measure and Fit Your Wire Free Mastectomy Bra

Having a well fitted bra can make all the difference when it comes to your daily comfort. The right bra can reduce neck and back pain, assist with posture, and improve the fit of your clothing, as well as helping you feel at your most confident. 

Getting the Perfect Fit

When looking to fit your mastectomy bra, there are a few simple steps you should follow to find your perfect match.

1. Measuring Band Size

In order to find the best bra for you, the first step is always finding the right band size. The fit of your bra band is extremely important, as it’s responsible for the majority of your bra's support.

In fact, almost all issues related to bra fit, including slipping straps or gaping cups, can usually be solved by adjusting the band size. Your bra should fit firmly around your torso, with the band itself laying flat against the chest, but never cutting into the skin.

To get your band size, you will need to take your underbust measurement. Wrap a measuring tape directly under the bust area the entire way around your torso.

Make sure the tape sits straight and snug against the body, to reflect the desired fit of your bra. It’s best to take this measurement braless, but you can do it whilst wearing one - just ensure not to overlap the tape measure with your existing bra band. 

Fit Tip:
* With your wireless bra, the band should be nice and snug to give you the right amount of support - make sure the band doesn’t pull easily away from your body at either the front or back!

* As your bra band is made with an elastic blend, it will likely stretch over time - this is why its so important to find your underbust circumference with the measuring tape firmly against your body.

* If you’re worried about a little overhang or “back fat”- don’t be! It’s totally normal with a well fitted bra, however, opting for a style with a wider band can help smooth the silhouette if this is a concern. 

2. Measuring Cup Size

Taking your cup measurement will be a slightly different process for every woman, depending on your personal breast journey. However, below is a good guide to follow for most mastectomy and lumpectomy sizing. 

With your tape, measure the length from the middle of your back (the centre of the spine) across the fullest part of the breast to the breastbone (centre of the chest). When taking this measurement, keep the tape resting lightly across the breast to ensure your cup won’t cut in or bulge uncomfortably.

Like with your underbust measurement, you will also want to ensure the tape sits as straight as possible across the back. Once you have this measurement,  double the number to find your equivalent cup size!

Fit Tip:
* If your breasts are uneven, measure the cup to fit the fuller side of your bust - you can then fill your smaller side with a partial breast form.

* Once wearing your bra, your cup should lay flush with your body - no matter the style, your breast should remain completely within the cups without spillage.

* After a double mastectomy, prioritise getting the perfect band fit, as this will support the breast form in your preferred cup size. 

Now that you have the underbust and bust measurement, you can refer to our tables below to find the perfect size mastectomy bra for you. Table I will show you your band size, and Table II will help you find your cup measurement. 

wirefree bra bust measurement

Keep in mind, the measuring process for post-surgery bras will be slightly different and take a little longer - scar tissue will need to be kept in mind, and personal comfort will be very important. Check out our Post-Surgery Fitting Guide for more information.

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