Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Mastectomy Bra Sizing

Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Mastectomy Bra Sizing

Having a well-fitted bra is essential for daily comfort and confidence, especially for those who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Here's a comprehensive guide to ensure you find the perfect mastectomy bra for you:

Measuring Band Size:

Finding the right band size is crucial as it provides the primary support for your bra. Follow these steps to determine your band size:

  • Measure your under bust circumference by wrapping a measuring tape snugly under the bust, ensuring it lays flat against the chest without digging into the skin.
  • It's recommended to do this measurement braless for the most accuracy.
  • The band should fit firmly around your torso without easily pulling away from the body. Remember that the elastic blend of the band may stretch over time, so ensure a snug fit.

Fitting Tip:

  • Opt for a wireless bra with a snug band for adequate support and comfort.
  • For those concerned about “back fat,” consider wearing bras with wider bands to smooth your silhouette.

mastectomy bra sizing chart

Measuring Cup Size:

Finding your cup size requires measuring the fullest part of your bust. Follow these steps to determine your cup size:

  • Using a measuring tape, measure from the middle of your back across the fullest part of the breast to the breastbone.
  • Keep the tape resting lightly across the breast to prevent discomfort.
  • Double the measurement to find your equivalent cup size.

Fitting Tip:

  • If your breasts are uneven, fit the cup to the fuller side and use a partial breast form for the smaller side.
  • Ensure the cup lays flush with your body, accommodating the entire breast.

wirefree bra bust measurement

Once you have obtained both the under-bust and bust measurements, refer to the tables provided to find your perfect mastectomy bra size. For post-surgery bras, take into account any scar tissue and prioritise personal comfort during the fitting process. For more detailed information, consult our Post-Surgery Fitting Guide.

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