Bra & Breast Form Sizing Charts

Finding the right bra size

First measure the circumference under the bust. Match the measurement to the correct bra size in Table I.

Example: 79cm measured = Bra size 80

Find the right cup size

Measure from the middle of the back (spine) across the fullest part of the remaining breast to the breastbone. Then double the measurement. Starting from the bra size identified in Table I, track down to Table II, where you can find the right cup size on the left-hand side, based on your measurement.

Example: 47cm measured, doubled = 94cm. If the bra size is 80, the cup size - according to Table II - is B.

Once you have the right bra and cup sizes, you can determine the breast form size using the Silima size table.

silima bra sizing chart coverter

Finding the right breast form size

Starting from the measured cup size, track horizontally to the right to the measured bra size. In the vertical column beneath this measurement, you will find the appropriate breast form size.

Example: A measured cup B and bra size 80 equates to a breast form cup B, size 5.

During selection, please bear in mind that most Silima breast forms come in at least 2, and in some cases 3, cup sizes to ensure the best possible fit.

Silima breast forms ...

... cup A: for a small, flat bust
... standard/cup B: for the medium-sized bust
... full/cup C: for the fuller bust
... cup D/E: for a large bust

silima bra sizing chart

International Size Conversion

Silima products use a unique sizing guide to accomodate international customers. Each guide has been broken down into AU, US and Silima sizing. For more information please contact us directly.

wire free bra band conversion chart

Cup Size

pocketed bra cup size conversion