Fitting Your Post Surgery Bra

Making sure you choose the right fit for your post surgical bra is a crucial step in your healing process. A well fitted recovery bra provides even compression across the bust to relieve post-op swelling, and can reduce excess fluid and blood build up in the surgical area.

To get the most out of your bra, it is imperative that you find the right fit. Whilst we would recommend a professional fitting where possible, here is an easy guide to finding the perfect fit for you.


Finding your measurements for a post surgery bra follows nearly the same steps as that of your everyday mastectomy bra fitting. 

Your band size will be your underbust measurement, or the length the entire way around your chest beneath the breast area. Take this measurement whilst keeping the tape as straight as possible, and tight against the body for a firm fit. 

Your cup size can be found by measuring from the centre of the back (the spine) to the centre of the chest (the breastbone) across the fullest part of the breast. When taking your cup measurement, keep the tape light across the breast to avoid too tight of a fitting. Once you have your measurement, double it to find your perfect cup size.

Refer to our charts below to find your equivalent band (Table I) and cup (Table II) size.   



Keep in mind that post operation, you will likely experience swelling in the breasts, and can expect to be one to two cup sizes smaller once the surgical tissue and fluid has settled.

Whilst it is  beneficial to have a recovery bra fitted and ready to go before your procedure, because every woman can expect to experience different levels of swelling and weight fluctuation through the surgical process. We recommend sizing the majority of your recovery bras post surgery.

Post Surgery Comfort and Convenience

When trying on your bra, there are several things to look out for. 

Firstly, ensure the underarm is not too tight. Oedema, or swelling caused by fluid retention, is a familiar post surgery symptom that most commonly builds in the soft tissue of the underarm after breast surgery.

In order to allow for proper lymphatic fluid drainage, the straps and cup around your underarms should be loose, and adjusted tighter as swelling reduces. 

Adversely, it is also important to make sure your band is not too loose. If you can lift your arms and the band rises up, then you either need to adjust your band tightness or size.

To provide the best support throughout the healing process, your band should be firm and provide even pressure around the chest. Whilst this may seem constrictive at first, you will quickly adjust over time, and as the natural swelling reduces. 

Thirdly, when adjusting your shoulder straps, they should sit securely without digging in. As with a regular bra, your primary support should be coming from the band.

As previously mentioned, as your breasts and underarms may experience fluctuating fluid build up, it is important to regularly check your shoulder straps are adjusted to the right tightness for you, for both comfort and health.

Furthermore, due to swelling and scar tissue post operation, it can be easier to have your bra adjustments on the front of the body. As you naturally adjust to your surgery, you can expect frequent fluctuations in swelling and settling of the surrounding tissue.

Because of this, you may find yourself quite frequently needing to alter the tightness of your band or shoulder straps. Having front facing adjustments means that, when necessary, you can independently ensure your comfort throughout your healing process. 

Finally, and most importantly when trying your post surgery bra, your comfort should always be a top priority. Small pains can be exacerbated by a poorly fitted bra, and healing can take longer without the correct support.

The Cara Post Surgery bra has been crafted to prioritise comfort, and fulfils all your post operative bra needs. It comes with front facing hook and zip fastening, as well as front facing adjustable shoulder straps, for ease of the wearer.

The highly elasticated, double layered fabric provides strong and flexible support evenly across the chest, stabilising the freshly operated breast tissue, whilst promoting circulation to support lymph drainage and breast reforming throughout the healing process. 

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