Where to find us

Silima Australia is based in Beaumaris, 20 mins south of Melbourne CBD. Here you can be fitted with a SIlima breast form of your choice. If you have any questions or are looking for a fiiting, you can contact Kerri on 0439 015 095.


The development of breast forms by the Thämert company started approximately 50 years ago in Lower Saxony, Germany. A SILIMA breast form gives you peace of mind knowing you are choosing a carefully tested, quality made German product. A continuous improvement process ensures the SILIMA breast forms keep pace with the care needs of women who have undergone breast surgery today.

Different breast form shapes and options have been developed over the course of many years, suited to the types and numbers of operating methods performed. The SILIMA brand stands for a feeling of natural wellbeing. Women who have undergone breast surgery particularly appreciate the pleasant silkiness of the breast forms, which feels gentle on their skin. No product weighs heavily, constricts, or is visible under clothing. The products also adapt well to the body and its natural movement.

Worn with a SILIMA pocketed bra, these breast forms create an aesthetic and harmonious entity. The feminine body image is recreated: personalised right down to the last detail.  This confidence helps our customers regain their zest for life and thus plays a role in both the physical and mental healing process.

In order to achieve the aim of best possible and individually tailored patient care, SILIMA offer different breast form options in terms of size, weight, gel consistency and fullness of cup (volume) and has products ranging in size between 8 and 24.


Breast Forms

Silima breast forms have a pleasant and natural feel that makes a women who has undergone breast surgery feel safe and confident . Different sizes and versions are available to ensure the best possible solution. The soft silicone body, whose behaviour very closely resembles that of female breast tissue, ensures they move naturally.

The polyurethane film is elastic, resistant to chlorine , salt , water and heat conducting, which allows the breast form to adopt body temperature when worn.

The film is not just skin friendly, it also feels natural. Thanks to the special matt finish, it resembles the appearance of skin very closely.


Lingerie by Silima offers all the advantages you could wish for in a special purpose mastectomy bra. Outstanding quality helps a woman who has undergone breast surgery regain confidence in her appearance and femininity. The feeling of wellbeing is the key.  Innovative and highly functional detailed solutions ensure superb comfort for woman of any age.

Confidence is a further secret of the bra collection’s success. Carefully planned designs give you the reassurance that the breast form cannot slip out of place. Materials are skin-friendly and double layered in places to ensure that neither the straps or fastenings can cut into the skin and cause discomfort.