Unveiling Confidence: Silima Breast Forms for Conservative Breast Surgery

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For many women, loving and embracing their bodies is challenging, especially for those who have undergone breast surgeries. Silima's Breast Forms are committed to helping our customers feel confident in their appearance post-surgery. Explore Silima Breast Forms and learn how we cater to the unique needs of women who have undergone mastectomies, offering a diverse range of options for an authentic and natural look suited to your needs. 

Image of the Shell Breast Form. This Breast Form is ideal following conservative breast cancer surgeries.

Understanding Individual Needs:

Mastectomies and breast surgeries are a unique and varied experience. Therefore, Silima has designed breast forms that can adapt to the body, ensuring a comfortable and seamless fit. For women who have undergone full mastectomies with minimal or no underarm tissue loss, Silima offers symmetrical breast forms such as the Soft and Light Super Soft, the Soft and Light, the Direct and the Ultralight. These options provide a customised solution, enabling women to confidently embrace their post-surgery journey.

The Conservative Mastectomy:

In cases of less severe mastectomies, where mammary tissue and some lymph nodes are removed while preserving the pectoral muscle, Silima caters specifically to individuals who have undergone this surgical approach. The Shell Breast Form, available in two different thicknesses, offers smooth coverage, filling bras from as little as half a cup in volume to one and a half cups. For those requiring more volume, the Ultralight is an excellent solution. 

Silima Breast Forms With Lateral Extension:

Attention to detail is paramount for achieving a natural appearance post-mastectomy. Silima breast forms with a prominent lateral extension provide a discreet yet effective solution, seamlessly blending with the body. The Soft and Light Asymmetrical is a suitable choice for those who have lost tissue under the arm, offering comfort and security. These breast forms empower women to regain their confidence and feel like themselves once again.

Variety for Personalised Comfort:

Recognising the uniqueness of each individual's journey, Silima offers a range of breast forms encompassing various shapes and sizes. This ensures that customers find the best possible solution for their specific needs. At the core of Silima's design philosophy lies a commitment to individuality, providing tailored options that empower individuals to embrace their post-mastectomy bodies with confidence and authenticity.

Silima Breast Forms are not just products; they are a symbol of empowerment and self-expression for those who have undergone mastectomies. By offering diverse solutions that cater to individual needs, Silima stands as a supportive companion on the journey to confidence, helping individuals embrace their unique post-surgery appearance with pride.

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