Breast Form Care and Cleaning

How to look after breast forms 

SILIMA® breast forms are high-quality products – pleasantly silky and skin friendly. Perspiration can, however, impair the positive material properties of our breast prosthesis. So please make sure you understand the need to clean your breast form to ensure lasting elasticity and strength. SILIMA® breast forms are so easy to care for that cleaning them takes barely a minute.

What you need to know about SILIMA® breast form care and cleaning:

• Wash with mild soap and rinse in warm water

• Do not use solvents under any circumstances

• Dab gently with a soft towel to dry

• Do not place the form on a radiator, nor use a hair dryer

• Use the original box to store or move the breast form

• Keep sharp or pointed objects, such as brooches, away from the breast form

• Be careful with pet claws – they might damage the gossamer-thin PU film

• Observe the care information included with each breast form

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