Mastectomy Recovery Tips From Hospital to Home

How long does it take to recover after mastectomy surgery?

Mastectomy recovery time following surgery can vary between 1 day and 1 week depending on the type of surgery. If your breast reconstruction surgery has happened at the same time, recovery will take longer.

Important recovery tips at home

Preparing For Your Ride Home

Following your mastectomy surgery it is essential  to arrange a ride home, as you will need to rest as much as possible once leaving the hospital. For the car trip home, use a small pillow for the car seat belt and for under your arms to reduce the strain on your chest area.

Getting Your Home Ready

When home, it is important to make sure your surroundings are as comfortable as possible. Cooking meals and freezing them in advance or reaching out to family and friends to help out around the house will help with your recovery journey.

Common Side Effects Of Mastectomy Surgery

Following surgery, it is common for most women to experience side effects. This includes:- fatigue- numbness and tingling- stiffness in the shoulder-a build-up of fluid around the scar (seroma)- changes in sensation in the breast, nipple or arm- fluid build-up after lymph node removal (lymphoedema).

*Partial breast forms can can reproduce a natural and symmetric bust contour. Equally if surgery entails several operations, they can serve as an interim solution.

Are there other options than mastectomy?

Nowadays, some 80 percent of all patients do not need to undergo mastectomy. Conservative breast surgery is the standard approach to treating malignant breast cancer these days.

Conservative therapy, or even elaborate breast re- construction procedures, however, sometimes only result in partial recovery, or are unaesthetic. These changes are only rarely detectable immediately after surgery. They usually only occur once post-operative radiotherapy has been given.

Given the preceding radiation therapy, surgical correction only rarely produces the desired result. Moreover, it entails the use of stressful reconstruction techniques.

How long after surgery before I can wear a breast prosthesis?

Depending on how you are recovering, women can start wearing a breast prosthesis between 2-8 weeks after surgery. Throughout this period your breast area will be tender. However, you can choose to wear a light breast prosthesis, also known as a soft form.

However, it is important not to rush into wearing a breast prosthesis as they can only be worn once open wounds have fully healed. Our range of mastectomy bras and breast forms are designed to support both post surgery recovery and daily wear once you have fully recovered.

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